Board of Editors

The Despatch Box was established by the 2016/17 PIR Society President, Daniel J. Atherton, and OJ/IT Officer, Kelli Jones, in 2016 to provide a platform for RHUL students to write about politics outside the confines of their course and develop skills in political journalism

The Board of Editors is a panel of students behind the journal responsible for the articles.

The Board is organised and led by the Online Journal & IT Officer, a member of the PIR Society Committee.

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the Board of Editors then click here or email the Editor-in-Chief at

Current Editors

  Jessica Lee, Online Journal & IT Officer/Editor-In-Chief 2019/20

Sophie  Sophie Minter, Editor

jasmine  Jasmine Hasan, Editor

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Kittie Henderson, Editor

13043616_1341294869219294_8093476551676046840_n  Francis Forsey, Editor


Past Editors

daniela Daniel Atherton, Co-Founder/PIR President 2016/17





Kelli Jones, Co-Founder/Online Journal & IT Officer 2016/17






Rob Johnston, Online Journal & IT Officer/Editor in Chief 2017/18

14650086_668112013362488_3300144392227324871_n.jpg Megan Harris, Deputy Editor-In-Chief 2017/18

Tom Sherlock    Thomas Sherlock, Online Journal & IT Officer/Editor-In-Chief 2018/19