Board of Writers

The Royal Holloway Politics & International Relations Journal was established by the Royal Holloway PIR President, Daniel J. Atherton and OJ-IT Officer, Kelli Jones, in 2016 to broadcast the vast expertise and foster the journalistic and political investigational discourse of the student body.

The Board of Writers is the elected panel of students behind the Journal, with each member contributing regularly to the online journal as well as acting as the peer review process that will ensure that all journal entries are of the highest standard.

The Board is organised and led by the Online Journal & IT Officer, a member of the PIR Society Committee.


12832444_1099073710113815_5042964908509795414_n.jpg   Rob Cooke-Johnston, Editor 2017/18

PIR President   Jack O’Neil, PIR President 2017/18

14650086_668112013362488_3300144392227324871_n.jpg   Megan Harris, Deputy-Editor

15078797_10209702218186624_8007535727504969161_n   Laura Serra, Deputy-Editor


Our current Board of Writers comprises of:

13124985_1187623707923241_3700041885703921844_n screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-4-43-24-pm 13612203_10206155636603188_4130233331516496311_n
Yury Polyakov Emma Temple Gavin Davies
13139159_1326253150723972_7117253424411026207_n 14355033_1381372131892109_8836122230010910437_n 12122657_1008752435823735_6662329896213847054_n
Izabela Pawlic J. Amspacher Katarina Salaj
14522792_1810662252478491_4059025432433738870_n 12741871_1267539223273075_6063705862090352672_n screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-4-43-03-pm
Liza Sega Malick Doucoure Mariam Tuma
14358674_1824059197825923_6399652294201289644_n screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-4-46-38-pm theo-larue
Raeesa Khan Roger Maul Theo Larue
Thomas Sherlock


Applications for the Board of Writers are rolling

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the Board of Writers and would like more information, please email the Committee at