Board of Writers


The Despatch Box was established by the 2016/17 PIR Society President, Daniel J. Atherton, and OJ/IT Officer, Kelli Jones, in 2016 to provide a platform for RHUL students to write about politics outside the confines of their course and develop skills in political journalism

The Board of Writers is the panel of students behind the journal, with each member contributing regularly to the online journal.

The Board is organised and led by the Online Journal & IT Officer, a member of the PIR Society Committee.

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the Board of Writers and would like more information, please email the OJ/IT Officer at

Tom Sherlock  Thomas Sherlock, Online Journal & IT Officer/Editor-In-Chief 2018/19

Lesser Logo  Sally Morritt, PIR President 2018/19

Sophie  Sophie Minter, Editor

jasmine  Jasmine Hasan, Editor

Lesser Logo




Kittie Henderson, Editor

13043616_1341294869219294_8093476551676046840_n  Francis Forsey, Editor


Our current Board of Writers comprises of:

Lesser LogoChristian Oliver

Lesser LogoGeorgie Day

theo-larue Theo Larue

Lesser LogoThomas Webster

22360968_1899519006731847_1430661808_n Vladimir Ivlev


Past Editors:

daniela Daniel Atherton, Co-Founder/PIR President 2016/17





Kelli Jones, Co-Founder/Online Journal & IT Officer 2016/17






Rob Johnston, Online Journal & IT Officer/Editor in Chief 2017/18


14650086_668112013362488_3300144392227324871_n.jpg Megan Harris, Deputy Editor-In-Chief 2017/18


Past Writers:

20170403_124702  Sarah Jasem.PNG  Ovais Malik.PNG
Peter Marshall Sarah Jasem  Ovais Malik
Malick Doucoure screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-4-43-24-pm 22361252_1821943441168307_185176030_n
Malick Doucoure Emma Temple Jennifer Nataliya

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-4-46-38-pm                   screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-4-43-03-pm                                         12122657_1008752435823735_6662329896213847054_n

Roger Maul                                     Mariam Tuma                                                    Katarina Salaj


14358674_1824059197825923_6399652294201289644_n                       13139159_1326253150723972_7117253424411026207_n                                             Gavin Picture

Raeesa Khan                                 Izabela Pawlic                                                  Gavin Davies

Mayor Profile

Suhail Mayor