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The New Right: Fictitious Yesterdays and Fabricated Tomorrows


Ovais Malik By Ovais Malik

In contemporary political discourse, doctrine and reality tend to be radically divorced from each other. We often hear from the New Right about the alleged glories of private enterprise; the wonders of the “free market”; and the incompetence of government intervention. When it comes to reality, however, sinister hypocrisies pervade this rhetoric. Continue reading “The New Right: Fictitious Yesterdays and Fabricated Tomorrows”

Neoliberalism and Its Upheaval


22360968_1899519006731847_1430661808_n By Vladimir Ivlev


Peer through the lens of neoliberalism and you see more clearly how the political thinkers most admired by Thatcher and Reagan helped shape the ideal of society as a kind of universal market (and not, for example, a polis, a civil sphere or a kind of family) and of human beings as profit-and-loss calculators (and not bearers of grace, or of inalienable rights and duties).

Stephen Metcalf, The Guardian


The term “neoliberalism” has made its journey from Hayek’s failed antithesis for Keynesian economics, to a political slur disregarded as leftist mania, and finally on the International Monetary Fund’s official watch-list. In looking how globalized capital, the stock market and instantaneous communication have affected the economic macrosystem one can leave behind any doubt that economic policy has no critical effect upon human development and culture. However, while the palpitations of the market resonating in unison with the human psyche is Marx’s dialectical materialism in its purest form, long gone are the days of inevitability and utopianism, something that the left should finally come to grips with. Continue reading “Neoliberalism and Its Upheaval”