Exploitation of Refugees Left, Right, and Centre

mariam By Mariam Tuma

Since the “beginning” of the European Refugee Crisis, a term problematic in its own right, we have been bombarded with mass media campaigns trying to propagate a particular narrative on the issue. The construction of loaded terminology evoking particular emotions, ideologies, and reactions has characterised the very foundation of reporting on the issue.

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The Role of Civilian-Military Partnerships in Building Economic Stability

13612203_10206155636603188_4130233331516496311_n Gavin Davies

The large increase of refugees has been a formative moment in EU history. It has tested the capacity of states to meet the ideals held in human rights law, reconcile security with openness, and put a spotlight on the causes of terrorism. Continue reading “The Role of Civilian-Military Partnerships in Building Economic Stability”

The Illegal Hypocrisy of Johnson’s Foreign Policy

12195877_10205276510217831_6945065231375297840_n Kelli Jones

Last week, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson took to the despatch box to condemn violent atrocities taking place in Syria, stating that purposely attacking a hospital constituted war crimes, questioning the whereabouts of the Stop the war Coalition, and suggesting Russian actions in the area should be investigated and protested against. Continue reading “The Illegal Hypocrisy of Johnson’s Foreign Policy”