The Despatch Box Team

Here at the Despatch Box, we have gone through a restructuring in order to usher in a new era for Royal Holloway’s only political journal. These are the roles that now make up the body of the PIR Society’s journal:

President of PIR Society

Currently: Joshua Trood, Politics and International Relations BA

The President of PIR Society oversees the paper.


Currently: Jessica Lee, Politics and International Relations BA

Known as the OJ/IT Officer on the PIR Society Committee and is the principal editor of the Despatch Box, responsible for the content and managing editorial policies.

Board of Editors

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Current Board

Editors at the Despatch Box are given the responsibility of reading content and correcting content. They verify facts, ensure articles are easily understood and offer writers and correspondents advice on their writing.

Board of Correspondents

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Current Board

The Board of Correspondents consists of student political correspondents dedicated to reporting and providing commentaries on countries and areas of interest. Some examples include UN Correspondent, Middle East Correspondent, America Correspondent and so on.

Board of Journalists & Writers

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Current Board

The Board of Journalists and Writers consists of flexible student writers and journalists dedicated to providing political commentary on various areas of politics, philosophy, ideological thought and campus politics.

Board of Photographers

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The Board of Photographers consists of various individuals passionate about photographic journalism in the context of politics.